Spring Cleaning - (4/4/2014)

It is that time of year when the snowbanks start to melt into giant piles of gravel and rivers of muddy water flow across your forecourts. On a sunny day it almost looks to be T-Shirt weather but after stepping outside you quicikly realise it is still SUB-ZERO out. As your customers begin to wake-up from their long, cold, winter hibernation it is important to make sure your gas station meets their dreamy expectations.

Here is a list of some Spring Cleaning items to think about:

1. Maind ID is working and shows accurate price

2. Canopy / Spread-bar branding is well maintained and clean (use windex and a rag)

3. Site is well-lit at night, replace missing bulbs and ensure safety

4. Dispensers are working and pumping fuel at a normal rate (if not this could be a sign that pump calibration is needed)

5. Pick-up winter garbage from lot and surrounding area

6. Site elements are clean & tidy (dispensers, driveway, store windows...etc)

7. Windshield washer supplies are stocked and available

8. Restrooms are clean and available

9. Let some light in: remove old promotions and offers from windows

10. Landscape: even though its not quite here, plant your spring seeds and tidy up the lawns, the work you do now will pay dividends in a couple of weeks.


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"We've been with XTR since 2000. I've seen a large increase in my site’s volume, which would not have been possible without the XTR team’s continuous support. Our son is taking over and he has re-signed another long-term contract with XTR. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship for generations to come."

Barbara and George Boudreau Nova Scotia

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