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XTR Energy is YOUR Wholesale Fuel Solution

XTR has extensive experience in providing quality petroleum products across Canada. Through steady supply from Major Canadian and international refiners XTR can ensure the highest quality of its products and the lowest market prices. With access to all major fuel terminals, XTR can easily provide you with the fuel you need in a convenient and timely manner.


  • Conventional
  • Ethanol Blended
  • Mid-Grade
  • Premium


  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Dyed Diesel

Other Products

  • Furnace Oil
  • Heating Oil
  • Bunker Oil
  • More available

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"As a wholesale distributor, XTR Energy has proven to be an excellent partner regarding product availabilities, pricing and expansion opportunities. Staff are friendly and always ready at a moment's notice to assist with the tiniest of details. We look forward to a very long and prosperous partnership in our highly competitive industry. "


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